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Various shots taken this week on my travels.

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Sunrise in Richmond. Very early start!

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Night shooting

Some recent night shots from Central. Shot on a Canon 700D. More to come soon.

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West London

Some shots from on and around the canal in West London. Some really nice stuff being put up in these parts!

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Tottenham to Hackney Part 1

Took a walk from Tottenham to Hackney yesterday. Pictures were shot on both film and digital.

IMG_3703 IMG_3741 99090034 IMG_3857 IMG_3690 99090038 IMG_3880 IMG_3719 16220449351_292b9d78d5_b IMG_3863 IMG_3841 99090039 IMG_3695 IMG_3697 99090028 IMG_3852 15599910724_53c57434ef_b

East London

A few things Caught in East London last week.

16193624072_7e642c14ee_o 16168600616_91758a2e7e_o 16185405241_d3abbe6676_o 15832852430_7fa7d9dedf_b 15966643881_82905e7175_o 15988854928_7eacf2f9ae_o 16029385725_a6b42d268d_o 15572024874_751a16d337_o 15553931734_e4b92f1098_o 007 15453110333_3e2210e1d0_o 12935045565_d51c3e6a60_o 16007088040_1c585bdcb9_o 15850469820_d971cbd6b6_o 12935046355_4b48cb132f_o